Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm In The Newspaper !! hahahah !

I was in the newspaper yesterday !! chinese press ! i was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy excited when bie bie told me i was in it !!!!! first time bein in the newspaper ! haha syok ~

lol .. juz a small wan there .. but i'm satisfied ! hahahahhahahaha ...

take a look :)

close up !

haha tats all .. juz wanna tell u guys how excited i was ! :P

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Starbizz !!!

fuhh ~~ wat a tirin day .. i'm super duper exhausted but i stil feel lik bloggin b4 i head to bed !

oh yeah ~ i did it ! STARBIZZ this time ! it was so much fun .. but i'm super exhausted...

i had to be at MP 6am but i ended reaching at 6.30am .. GUH ~~ haha XP so early lar !
when i reach there i had to put some make up on and all .. den change to my " ALLADIN" sexy clothin and everything was in a rush ! dam !

this is how i look lik wit the gigantic thing on my head .. and behind my back ! lol ..

cukup sexy tak ?! hahahahah XP

we den went up the "DUCK BOAT" and went round wit all the huge clothing stuff on me .. fyi .. it was not easy !

u noe lar .. da " DUCK BOAT" thingie .. so kecik ! i cant stand .. i cant sit .. duh ~~

i loose my patient and didnt give a dam ! I SAT DOWN !! haha XP

went round melaka raya .. it was dam hot wei ! lucky 4 us we didnt have to walk lik those make up artist ...

reach bak at MP at 9 somethin .. den bla blah blah ...

OH YEAHH !!! AMBER CHIA walked pass in front of me ! hahahahah XP syok sikit lar dpt tgk celebrity ! haha ..

ok den 2pm was the show .. wit the them " endless legend" ..

my heart went " doom doom " "doom doom" haha .. it was scary lar ! so many pairs of eyes starin at me ! but it was soooo much fun !

briefing b4 goin up the stage !

waiting 4 my turn ~

and it was my turn ! =D

me and my make up artist , Cherish !
cute snow white ! lol ..everybody on the stage !

my beloved family tat came and supported me !

thanks to : My family ,Bie Bie and family , minjiun and family, jieying , fuiyeng and to those tat i didnt met and did not mentioned... thank u 4 being there to support me !!! love u guys !!! =D

dam .. i have another show comin on may 30th ... same costume as this ... at pay fong high skul ... it wil surely be dam dam tiring ! haiz... but wat to do .. wanna earn $$ ! haha ...

k la .. it 10:20pm already ... my body aches , hand aches , even my muscle at my ass hurts ! hahahah XP hurts due to long hours wearin high heel .. u noe lar .. i'm not a high heel person ! lol..

headin to bed ! love ya'll ! MUACKS ! nite !

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rest In Peace my dear ROMEO SIGAL

cant believe he juz left us lik tat ...
i really cant believe tat Romeo .. da Romeo tat we all knew PASSED AWAY when i received the news !

it was 2am ... i got a msg from jieying ..

" La, did u on9 ? U noe something happenen?!*
" No , wat happened ?! *

* Romeo passed away ... *

i was lik ... WATTT !!! i cant beleive it !!! we juz saw him last chinese new year ! and now he's GONE !????

without sayin goodbye ???

although we're arent tat close ... but there were stil memories of us talking ... he loves to joke around .. so funny ..

and now he's gone ?!! are u serious ...

all of us shed some tears .. but this will nvr brin him bak .. may he rest in peace and may god take good care of him ..

so guys .. really do drive carefully on the road ! y are guys so stubborn ?!!! DO NOT SPEED ! arhh !!! i cant accept anymore this type of news !!!! grrrhhh !!!!!

Romeo take care up there .. we miss u freakin much ! take care ..........

u see him ?!!

i cant believe this was the last time we met him ... look at him ...

ROMEO .. take care .. we love u ...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fringeeeee !!

oh yeah ! my fringe is officially SHORT !!!
how was it how was it ?
suits me not ?
do i look younger ?!! hahahaha .. many ppl i do ! hahahahaha .. so happy ! lol
do i look better with short fringe or long?
or is it sooooo " LALA" wit my short fringe?!!! * oh nooooooo *
do comment :) i nid it ! haha .. u better say i look younger ! hahahah XP

ZOO & steamboat :)

i noe its been a week agooo .. but dun care lar ! ppl havin exam marrr ! haha ..
ni way .. me and my crazy gals went to da zoo !
and we had our lunch at see u steamboat at the new jj ! yummy yummy !
arh ! wat a great time we had :)
grhhh .. miss them so much already !
cant wait to go out wit them again !!
here's a short short post.. let the picture do the talkin !
nah ...

there are more picture in my fb :)
guh .. LOVE U GUYS ! * hugs *

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nadeje MARCH

Now i present to u .... BATTLE OF THE CAKESSS !!! hahaha ... now i guess is useful though
nice not my pic up there ??!! hahahahah ...

MARCH !!! i noe i'm supposed to be dietin ... but who can resist this ?!! my god ~~
though i regretted after eatin it .. but " guhhh" i dun care lar ! hahaha ..

this time it was this 2 ! yummy yummy !
chocolate cheesecake ! bie bie wanted this !

strawberry crepes ! i wanted this !
so we ended up havin both!

the choco wan tasted better actually ! yummy ! haha .. sedap leh .~~

i hav no idea wat is he doin ... lol ...
lol .. i cant wait for april ! but i seriosly nid to diet already ! sumthing is gettin nearer and nearer ! oh man !!!!!

oh yeah ! i got 1 more thing to show u guys ...

once .. he looked this cute and perfect ...

so cute huh ...

however ..

now ended up ...


he looked so cacat-ed ! hahahahahah .. but stil dam cute lar !

the cacat felow

this shows how his hair came out of his head ! XPhe kissed my baby ! HOW COULD UUUUUUUUUUUU !!!?dont we juz look alike ?!! hahahahah ..

k la .. tats all for now ! got tons i wanna blog ! but .. LAZYYY !! lol .. oh yeah ! break break break for a week ! wooohoooo !!! i really really nid it ! but once class starts .. dooms day ! accounting exam :( .. ni way ! gonna enjoy my break ! tata guys !